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CleanImplant Newsletter 12 | 2020



“Act as what you do makes a difference.
 It does.”

 William James

Dear colleagues, friends and supporters

I hope this newsletter finds you all in good health. This year has been a surprising if not threatening challenge for many professions. Unfortunately, dentistry was no exception. While many practitioners have been affected, there are still some positive takeaways that can help us cope with whatever the crisis has thrown at us.

For one, it has helped us at the CleanImplant Foundation to understand that collaborations and partnerships can help mitigate short term effects of most major setbacks. We believe that strong moral convictions and business partnerships are a great way of ensuring support and guidance in times of crisis. Thus, we want to extend a warm “Thank you” to our many partners and subscribers who have supported us along the way.

While the crisis has disrupted the dental markets in many ways, it also provides an opportunity to explore new options, reflect, and re-evaluate our choices to evolve with the situation. Like a deer caught in headlights, we are sometimes paralyzed by the situation, unable to see the opportunities around us and put things back into perspective for the sake of our patients. What really matters, who we want to be, and what message we want to convey through our work is once again becoming increasingly important again.

Although the impact of the Covid-19 crisis was impossible to avoid, there are, however, professional risks in the dental field we can choose to eliminate. If there’s one thing that we ought to learn from this, it is the perception that we shouldn’t leave neither our own nor our patients’ fate to chance. We have a great opportunity to initiate change – as individuals and companies – and we should do so before it is too late. Before getting caught in the headlights, we should prepare and ensure that the road we take in implantology is a safe one – at least with independently tested, clean dental implants for our patients.

That said, we hope that each and every one of you will recover as fast as possible – be it health-related or economically – and we all can continue to make the right choices along the way.

Sincerely Yours,

Dirk U. Duddeck DDS.
On behalf of the CleanImplant Foundation

Are we playing “Russian Roulette” with patients? Live Webinar

Berlin 10:00 PM (CET) * Lisbon 9 PM * New York 4 PM (EST)
San Diego 1 PM (PST) * Sydney 8 AM (Dec. 16)

On December 15, 2020  CleanImplant will broadcast a Dental Tribune Live Webinar (English) titled: “Are we playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with our patients?
Everything about factory-made contaminants on sterile packaged dental implants”.

Register here free of charge for the live event and ask us your questions.
Or simply watch the recording at a later date.  

About: Nobody expected sterile dirt on medical devices. However, recent tests found just that. A quality assessment study conducted in collaboration with the Charité University Medicine, Berlin, revealed an alarming number of sterile packaged dental implants with factory-made contaminants among the 100+ tested samples. Significant amounts of hazardous impurities and even numerous nickel-, tungsten- or chromium-containing metal particles raise serious concerns among dentists. Unfortunately, most dental practitioners have little unbiased information about the surface quality of the implants they use in their daily practice. Interviews with renowned experts like Prof. Tomas Albrektsson (Department of Biomaterials, Gothenburg University) and Prof. Jack Ng (American Board of Toxicology, University of Queensland) underline the crucial importance of this topic for the practitioner. Patients and clinicians will suffer the consequences of inferior quality implants. Inflammatory processes, bone loss, and even implant failure are possible consequences of impurities and uncontrolled foreign body reactions which can directly affect patients. Additionally, dentists risk losing their reputation or may even face lawsuits and claims for damages. Neither you nor your patients deserve this. This dental webinar unveils the consequences for dentists and provides information on how to avoid major risks. Join the webinar and stay informed.

CleanImplant members become "Certified Dentists"

At the request of our members, i.e., the many dental practices supporting our essential independent work with their annual membership fee, we will alter the wording and status of our supporters moving forward: "Members" will become "CleanImplant Certified Dentists". This has the great advantage of communicating to your patients much more easily that independently verified implants are used in your practice. Certified Dentists will receive new personalized certificates in the future. Please contact us if you would like us to send you an updated certificate for your waiting room for the current year.

Best of all: patients can already find CleanImplant Certified Dentists on the Internet worldwide. We have created information pages for patients, which not only draw attention to the problem of contaminated medical devices but also provide solutions and show the addresses of Certified Dentists: (German version: ).

You’re not yet a CleanImplant Certified Dentist? Then find the application form here.

Two further implants received the coveted "Trusted Quality Seal" 

In the second half of 2020, we were able to award two new candidates with the "CleanImplant Trusted Quality" seal. As a reminder, we not only test individual implants, but a total of 5 randomly selected samples of the same type, at least 2 test samples from dentists, i.e., not from the manufacturer. If all implants are classified as clean according to the CleanImplant guideline, two renowned professors from the Scientific Advisory Board verify the clinical results of these implants in a peer review process. Only when all criteria are met is the award actually bestowed for two years, after which testing is repeated.

The newly awarded implant systems are the "Conelog" from Camlog and, for the first time, a ceramic implant, the "BioWin!" from Champions (identical in construction to the "Standard Zirkon Implantat" from ZV3).
Congratulations and welcome to the CleanImplant family!

Further information is available at

More than two million failed dental implants  in the FDA database:
CleanImplant has received worrying data.

In November 2020, CleanImplant agreed to closely cooperate with the leading expert in the analysis of largely encrypted FDA data: The US company Device Events provides a cloud-based software service and comprehensive analysis, reports, and alerts on the history of so-called "adverse events" of dental implants that have been submitted to the FDA.
Madris Kinard, CEO of Device Events, adds: “Despite more than 2 Million reports of failed dental implants, the FDA doesn’t prioritize communication to physicians, dentists and patients. We are happy to collaborate with the CleanImplant Foundation who raise the voice for a better control of medical devices such as dental implants and help to communicate this topic in the dental field.”

We will report more details and further developments in the next newsletter. 

New patient brochure for your waiting room

We have summarized the most important information for your patients: Easy to understand and convincing. Demonstrate your patients that they are safe and in good hands in your practice.

As a Certified Dentist you will receive the new brochure free of charge. Send us a short email to

with the reference "information for patients" and we will send you printed brochures and a printable personalized PDF file for your practice.

Webinar Tip #2 Osstell Symposium 2020

Selecting clean, safe implants is the first step towards successful implant therapy.
Another key factor to clinical success, is finding the perfect time to load the new implant.

Speakers among others as
Dr. Raquel Zita Gomes,
Dr. Scott D. Ganz
(both CleanImplant Ambassadors) and Prof. Daniel Buser represent more than 40 years of combined experience with Osstell and the ISQ scale in clinical practice.
These experts showed and discussed the use of Osstell ISQ diagnostics in various treatment indications, illustrated by interesting cases and clinical evidence.
You can register free of charge here: Osstell Symposium 2020

Webinar Tip #3 Slow Dentistry!

Patients safety in the focus! Don't miss this important aspect. Join the webinar of our esteemed CleanImplant Ambassador Miguel Stanley. 
 Miguel Stanley explains the benefits of “Slow Dentistry” – a new rising trend in dental care.
Slow Dentistry strives to raise the standards of care in dental practices worldwide for the improved safety, understanding, comfort and well-being of patients.
A growing network of dental clinics, dentists and hygienists share their commitment.

Learn more about this in Dr. Stanley's webinar – live on Dec. 4th  2020 or as recorded session here:

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